STEP 1: Tenancy Application

It begins with our comprehensive online tenancy application, completed by all parties applying for a tenancy.  See one here

STEP 2: Online Investigation

After assessing first impressions of potential candidates, our property mangers set about investigating those who show promise.  Areas of investigation are: 

  • Online & Social media

  • Credit Check (Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax)

  • TINZ Landlord Information NZ

  • Ministry of Justice driver fines search

  • Tenancy Tribunal records

  • Property Owner and Landlord verification

  • Past Landlord tenancy review submissions

Step 3: Interviews

Once we are comfortable there are no demons hiding in a Tenants closet, we begin the phone interview process.

  • Previous and current landlords

  • Employers

  • Tenant Referees

Step 4: Letter of Offer

Once we are satisfied the best tenant is in hand, we discuss their application with the property owner.  Provided our property owners are happy with our selection, we present the potential tenants with a Letter of Offer.