The prevention of Methamphetamine being smoked in a property is the best protection against P. A property left unchecked, can increase the risk of an expensive decontamination process. 

Our property mangers are equipped with Meth detection kits and experienced in sampling a property for Methamphetamine.  Regular Meth checks (once or twice a year) will give you the confidence, your property is clear of P.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Methamphetamine.  If you have any questions regarding meth use in your property you can contact us here

My property has never been tested, what should I do?

If your property is vacant, we would urge you to get the property tested prior to a new tenancy. This will provide a 'baseline test' for your property prior to the new tanancy commencing. It will also identify if any Meth has been smoked in your property and what kind of decontamination measures will need to be carried out.

What is a Base Line Meth test?

It is a meth test carried out prior to a new tenancy. This Base Line test is a yard stick and will provide evidence your property is clear of or below the acceptable levels of meth at the begining of a new tenancy. Regular testing will establish if meth has been used in a property and to what extent, also limiting any decontamination costs.

I'm confused, there is conflicting oppinions on aceptable levels of meth in homes?

Standards New Zealand say... According to Standards New Zealand, accepable levels of meth found in a home is 1.5 µg/100 cm2 or below. The Tenancy Tribunal currently uses these levels to determine if a property is unihabitable. 2018 CSA Report says... According to the recent CSA report provided by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, acceptable levels of meth found in a home is15 µg/100 cm2 or below. (10 x more than that of Standards NZ) This new level has been adopted by Housing New Zealand and curretnly in place.

How much will it cost to decontaminate my home?

Caught early, it will cost you a couple of bottles of cleaning product and a day of cleaning to remove any meth residue from the surfaces of your home. Like all smoke residue, meth is absorbed into walls and surfaces. Depending on the levels found in a property, professional services maybe required to carry out a decontamination cleaning process. This can be anywhere from $5000 - $30,000. Extreme levels of Meth contamination will require the replacement of ceiling and wall linings, insulation, carpet, electrical switches and power outlets, kitchen appliances and cabnitary.

I think my Tenant is smoking meth, what can I do?

It will be difficult to prove a Tenant contaminated your property (by smoking meth) without a Baseline Test carried out prior to the tenancy start date. You should shedule a property inspection and get a meth test done on the property. Note: This can come with strings attached as the Tenancy Tribunal advises Landlords to seek the permission of the Tenant to undertake any form of testing on the premises. read more If the Test proves positive, removing the current Tenant (you suspected of using meth) can be a delicate process. Contact Twin Elm Property Management for more advice on this topic.

What are the implications to the Owner/Landlord

Providing a meth free environment is not only important to new tenants, but also the property owners/landlords. Maintaining a meth free property should be a priority. Tenants demanding meth tests completed on the properties are becomming more and more prevelant. In some cases, where tenants have rented a contaminated property for an extended period of time, landlords have been required to pay back all rents paid and accomodation costs.