Have you been tested by Meth?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Meth has become a real problem for property owners. There is no doubt methamphetamine use is on the rise... is it a matter of time before you are put to the test by Meth?

With conflicting opinions on acceptable levels of meth found in rental homes and frighting decontamination costs thrown around, its the property owners who are lost in the cloud of smoke.

Digging around the internet will possibly throw up more questions than answers. Your conscience exposed to companies benefiting from your vulnerable position, inflated by regulations and recommendations.

The more we begin to understand the effects of meth on the home and how catching the problem early, can and will limit any unnecessary clean up costs. The recent CSA report provided by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor last year, dramatically relaxes the minimum levels of meth found in homes before decontamination processes are required.

However this report has not been adopted by the NZ Tenancy Tribunal, choosing to stick with the very low original levels of 1.5 µg/100 cm2. This uncertainty suggests we are entering a new phase of meth regulation in rental houses in NZ.

Prevention is the best form of protection, low cost meth testing kits are available with some Property Managers equipped to carry them out regularly. Baseline tests are a must for any new tenancy as it will provide evidence a property is clear of or below the acceptable levels of meth at the beginning of a new tenancy. Thereafter, regular testing will establish if meth has been used and to what extent.

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions about meth in rental properties.