Over 25 years in the making, Twin Elm Property Management was formed by a prominent property investor and developer who became frustrated at how traditional property management companies were operating.


A typical property managers approach to rent arrears, identified no sense if ownership on behalf of the owner and a lack of adequate property inspections resulted in poor property health.

With no recent rent reviews and evidence of rents slipping behind market valuations, coupled with a lack of confidence in tenant selection due to poor refence checks, it was time to build a more proactive approach to the management of property assets and tenant communication.

​Retaining all managements and acquiring the services of an experienced Property Manager Twin Elm Property Management was formed built on the back of Rent HQ, a property management software programme, built by a New Zealander.


After Inheriting over $12,000 in rent arrears across all properties, a Zero Rent arrears policy was enforced immediately. With regular communication, direct assistance and the required notices, Tenants who had a history of lapsed rent payments became disciplined.  A sense of ownership installed across the office was a major contributor to the success of our Zero Rent Arrears policy.


We are a tight team with experience in property development, construction, management, sales, and common sense.  Our biggest asset is having our own in-house maintenance team, regularly proving to be invaluable to us and our owners.


With an intuitive approach to finding solutions for owners and a drive to improve our systems we are the most effective property management company.