Our intention is to maintain constant communication with our Tenants, to assist them with getting their payments up to date and limiting any confusion or misunderstanding.  Our Zero Rent Arrears Policy is designed to identify any potential issues early and engage constructive communication between our Property Managers and Tenants.

What day do I pay rent?

You pay rent on the weekly anniversary of your move-in date. Lets say, you moved into the property on Friday. Your rent is due every Friday. You can find your move-in date on your Tenancy Agreement.

What if I'm a day late in rent?

Rent is expected to be paid one week in advance at all times. Should you miss a rent payment by a day or two, you will recieve a courtesy phone call or a text message from your Property Manager. This is a good opportunity to let the property manager know if there are any changes in your circumstances or that you just simply missed a payment.

What if I'm 2 or 3 days late in rent?

If no rent is recieved after 2 or 3 days, a 14 Day Breach of Tenancy letter will be issued. This is not an eviction notice. It is a formal letter which details a summary of your rent status clearly outlining rent due dates, the rents recieved and how much rent is due immediately. You should contact your property manager immediatly to reslove your rent arrears.

What if I cant pay rent until next week?

If the rent arrears are not paid by the 8th day of this 14 day notice period (or made arrangements with us to pay the rent) an application to the Tenancy tribunal for an Order to have the rents paid will be processed. This could ultimately result in the termination of your tenancy as well as any other terms or costs that the Tribunal might award. Note: If the rent is 21 days in arrears an Eviction Order will be applied for.

What are the effects of going to the Tenancy Tribunal?

All Tenancy Tribunal Orders will be lodged on any relevant Tenancy databases. This may affect you ability to rent another property, as Tribunal Orders filed against you, will alert property managers on future rental aplications. It may also affect your credit rating and ability to borrow money.